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The Complete E-Commerce Book:Design, Build & Maintain a Successful Web-based Business


by Janice Reynolds, Roya Mofazali

Editorial Reviews
Book Info
Shows how to make e-commerce dreams a successful reality, showing how to plan, implement, and operate a successful e-commerce site. For those who are just starting out or experienced business owners, this handbook is full of helpful examples of Web sites to explore to gain ideas and insight on what to do and what not to do. Softcover.

Product Description:
Make your e-commerce vision a success with this comprehensive, step-by-step handbook. Whether your company is a startup or well-established, you'll learn how to plan, implement and operate a successful e-commerce site - from selecting the right software through fulfilling orders.

The expert author starts by helping you plan the customer experience and design an effective, easy access interface. You then progress to cutting-edge programming techniques and robust server configuration. Next, you'll master site marketing, customer service, order processing, warehousing and shipping. Along the way are plenty of real-world examples of Web sites to explore so you can learn what to do - and what not to do. Using this book as a tutorial and a reference, you'll learn how to:

-Create a custom business model for success.
-Select the software, hardware and hosting service that will best meet your needs.
-Master outsourcing, building traffic, order processing and fulfillment.
-Choose the type of site that will fit your needs by reviewing current examples of brochureware sites, online stores, subscriptions sites, cyber malls and more.
-Choose the right vendors and consultants to get the job done - and learn how to manage their work effectively.
-Build a web site that stands out form the rest.
-Keep your customers happy with easy access, prompt delivery, good customer service and continuous enhancement of site quality and content.

Business owners, Web entrepreneurs and everyone who's involved with setting up and rolling out an e-commerce site will find answers to their business and technical questions in this all-in-one handbook!

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