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Frenzy : Bubbles, Busts, and How to Come Out Ahead


by Carl Haacke

Editorial Reviews
"In Frenzy, Carl Haacke examines the 'tech bubble' from the perspective of an economic analyst who witnessed the collision between entrepreneurs exploiting disruptive technologies and the basic fundamentals of running businesses for profit. Haacke sifts through the wreckage and offers valuable lessons that individual investors, venture capitalists and business managers should learn before the next cycle of speculative market activity." --David W. Dorman, AT&T Chairman and CEO

"Frenzy is fascinating and insightful. With remarkable clarity, Carl Haacke cracks the code of how bubbles work and provides important warnings for the future that may be closer than you think."
--William R. Hambrecht, Chairman, Founder, and CEO, WR Hambrecht + Co

"A 'must read' for anyone who might be tempted to think: 'Next time it will be different.' Carl Haacke has analyzed the Internet Bubble with great precision and the lessons he teaches us are essential to understand for the future. I recommend this book highly." --Tom Perkins, Founder of Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers

"Very colorful and authoritative. This book clearly proves that at the end of the day the traditional metrics for measuring the value of companies, their ability to generate real profits and net-free cash flow, is the key to building long-term, successful investments."
-Alan Patricof, Co-Founder, Apax Partners

"Frenzy hit the nail on the head. Bubbles should surprise no one. They're almost forecastible. The dot.com era is no more ridiculous than the pc era of the 1980s or the nifty fifty era of the 1970s or the microprocessor era of the 1960s or the tulip era of the 1600s. Frenzy should help its readers recognize the next cycle of irrational optimism and avoid making the same mistakes that lead investors to go down like the Titanic."
--Don Valentine, Founder, Sequoia Capital

Product Description:
Frenzy illustrates how the Dot Com bubble can be dissected to show the anatomy of every bubble that has preceded it and the many more on the way. Through interviews with the world’s most influential venture capitalists, Fortune 500 CEOs, and Wall Street’s multi-billion dollar portfolio managers, as well as Haacke’s own insights, Frenzy reveals the driving forces of the Dot Com bubble from its earliest beginnings to its collapse. By showing how these dynamics merely follow the ones laid out by bubbles of the past, Haacke provides critical lessons for today’s business professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs on how to survive the frenzy that drives the accelerating waves of innovation and change.

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