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Professional Web Site Design from Start to Finish


by Anne-Marie Concepcion

Editorial Reviews
From the Author
I first started creating web sites for clients back in 1996. My bookshelf contains everything a carbon-based life form would ever need to know about HTML, Flash, JavaScript, web usability, Dreamweaver, CSS, and so on. But the one book I really needed I could not find: How to actually DO it! When you’re not an Internet guru and the landscape is terra incognita, how exactly do you take a web project from start to finish? What are the "real world" steps? I learned that in some ways, the process was similar to print design, which luckily, I already knew (in the book I don’t assume you know that, though). But in many other critical ways, the process is entirely different. For example, there are lots of major decisions to be made, concepts to be fleshed out and details to be taken care of before you plonk one pixel in your prototype home page design – unless you enjoy taking the time (and perhaps paying for) weeks of reworking! I also learned that the steps involved in "smart" web site design are the same whether it’s a small personal site or it’s a huge client project. One just takes longer than the other. I’m grateful that the publisher allowed me free reign to write "the missing web design book." As I explained to them (and as I say in the book’s introduction), this book will tell you everything you need to know about web site design and development OTHER than what HTML codes do.

Product Description:
If I gave you a box of carpentry tools, could you build me a house? While having the right tools to do a project is a great first step, you still need to learn the overall process of how and when to use those tools to achieve your goals, knowledge that few other web design books present. This book starts from the assumption that you have the right tools -- an Internet connection and a web authoring program or an HTML reference book -- to begin with. (If you don't, the first chapter will bring you up to speed.) Then in clean, clear language, it steps you through the web design and development process from start to finish, from a successful studio owner's perspective: Brainstorming site goals, gathering and converting content, developing a strategic site architecture, balancing elements of tone, message, and navigation, prototyping and presenting designs, organizing and trafficking files, production, subcontracting, publishing and promotion. Whether you're working on a 5-page site for your community organization or you're the project manager for a huge portal site for a Fortune 100, this book will provide you with the essential strategies and checkpoints that ensure a successful web site.

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