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The Ten Demandments: Rules to Live By in the Age of the Demanding Customer


by Kelly Mooney, Laura Bergheim

Editorial Reviews
From the Back Cover

A Straight-Talking Rulebook Every Business Person Must Read

Today's empowered customers are more informed, and therefore, more powerful and demanding, than at any time in the past. The Ten Demandments tells you exactly what these customers want, and what they'll do if they don't get it. It is a call to action that will, finally and forever, show you how to satisfy each customer first, last, and always.

Marketing maverick Kelly Mooney, shows how you can:

  • Earn trust with every customer interaction
  • Put customers in charge and exceed their expectations
  • Align marketing and sales channels to present a unified face to customers
  • Infuse your organization with consumer-centric thinking
  • And much more!

"To carry out a customer-centric strategy, every company needs a customer bible like The Ten Demandments to believe in and to execute against."--Guy Kawasaki, CEO, Garage Technology Ventures

"[Mooney] combines hands-on experience with breakthrough thinking--which is exactly what most business people need as they try to navigate the new world of competition."--Alan Webber, Founding Editor, Fast Company

"What a great idea! Here's an eleventh demandment: If you want your company to succeed, you better understand all ten of Mooney's concepts."--Seth Godin, Author, Survival Is Not Enough

Kelly Mooney is president and chief experience officer of Ten/Resource, a leading interactive marketing company, with clients ranging from Victoria's Secret to Ford Motor Company to Hewlett-Packard. Mooney lectures widely on customer experience and has been profiled in print media including Time, Fortune, Inc., and Fast Company, and on NPR, CBS, and CNN.

Product Description:

"To carry out a customer-centric strategy, every company needs a customer bible like The Ten Demandments to believe in and to execute against." --Guy Kawasaki, CEO, Garage Technology Ventures

The Ten Demandments presents an informed and interactive road map that takes readers directly to the hearts, minds, desires, and demands of the new customer, whether it is the end consumer or a business-to-business relationship. Customer experience guru Kelly Mooney scrutinizes the total customer experience with strategic insights, anecdotes, and action plans.

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