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Effort-Less Marketing for Financial Advisors


by Steve Moeller

Editorial Reviews

About the Author
For more than a decade, Steve Moeller has helped entrepreneurs build profitable and rewarding businesses. As president and CEO of American Business Visions, Steve is a sought-after speaker, consultant, business strategist, and writer for financial industry trade publications. Steve started his career in the advertising industry. In the early 1980s, he entered the investment industry and soon became an award-winning salesperson and eventually a successful marketing executive. Today he focuses his talents on American Business Visions, a publishing and training firm he founded in 1989. The company creates marketing tools and business development systems for financial advisors and investment companies. His unique business development process, best defined as relationship-based niche marketing, has become known as the "Moeller Method." This turnkey system enables advisors to identify and attract clients who are both profitable and fun to work with. Steve believes that evolving technologies and consumer expectations are creating huge opportunities and challenges in the retail investment industry. He is committed to helping financial advisors transform their businesses into highly competitive, client-centered organizations.

Product Description:
Use a 5-Step Process to Transform Your Business--and Your Life! If you've ever yearned for a business that would energize rather than drain you, if you've ever known and admired someone who made financial services look easy and fun, then you're ready to learn a new way to market. A way that doesn't require so much of your time and energy. A way that requires less effort. Effort-Less Marketing is based on author Steve Moeller's extensive research and refinement of the best strategies to build a financial advisory practice, as well as key marketing principles that work just as well for financial advisors as they do for such customer-savvy giants as Saturn and Nike. You'll toss aside conventional, exhausting sales techniques for a newer, easier way. With these 5 steps, you'll take the guesswork out of reaching the wealthiest and most enjoyable clients, make referral-gathering a no-brainer, and completely revitalize your business.

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