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Low-Budget Online Marketing


by Holly Berkley

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
Large companies have huge budgets for marketing their products and services online. What’s the difference between a $100,000 marketing campaign and a $1,000 campaign? Surprisingly, not much. This book teaches small-business operators how to achieve big-business marketing success on a small-business budget!

Low-Budget Online Marketing for Small Business takes you behind the scenes of successful marketing campaigns. This book will show you how to cut costs so that you can adapt the same successful marketing strategies that big companies use.

If you are looking to attract attention to your company on the Web, this book will show you how, and with only a minimal investment!

The following topics are included in this book:
- Targeting your campaign
- Generating free advertising
- E-mail marketing
- Building Web communities
- Successful co-branding strategies
- Banner advertising
- Web-design basics
- Search-engine registration

Product Description:
- Learn from the tactics and techniques of major corporations - Get big impact without spending big dollars - Promote your company on the Internet

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