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Enterprise Guide to Gaining Business Value from Mobile Technologies


by Adam Kornak, Jorn Teutloff, Michael Welin-Berger

Editorial Reviews
From the Back Cover
Proven strategies for integrating mobile technologies into your business to gain a competitive advantage

The rate at which companies are deploying wireless and mobile technology is astounding. But as the dot-com crash demonstrated, implementing solutions without clearly defined business requirements can lead to skyrocketing budgets and possible failure. As a business leader, it is critical that you understand the reasons for investing in this technology. Why should you develop a mobile technology strategy? What are the business requirements that drive potential mobility solutions? How will those solutions impact your internal and external constituencies? What are the strategic, qualitative, and quantitative value propositions that mobile technology can offer you? This innovative book provides you with the insight to answer these key questions and successfully integrate mobile technologies into your business.

Inside you'll explore several wireless implementations and uncover business integration lessons learned from a host of Microsoft and Cap Gemini Ernst and Young customers in the United States and Europe. As an experienced team of practitioners, the authors guide you through the maze of mobile and wireless technologies, offering hands-on advice on how to develop a strategy that meets the needs of your business. Along with helping you prepare to launch your initiatives, they:

  • Deliver specific guidelines for integrating mobile technologies into your business in order to produce specific revenue streams
  • Arm you with a strong background on the terminology, drivers, devices, and networks that you must know
  • Introduce you to a Value Web strategy analysis tool that will improve planning
  • Include extensive real-world case studies and business organization models that demonstrate effective implementations

Product Description:
* This is the first book to deliver specific guidelines for integrating mobile and wireless technologies into a business organization to enhance business processes, reduce operating expenses, or produce additional revenue streams
* Builds off the material from Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Guide to Wireless Enterprise Application Architecture (0-471-20951-1), which described how to build a wireless enterprise application architecture for optimum performance
* Presents a proprietary, step-by-step methodology that shows how to identify opportunities to integrate mobile technologies into an organization
* Describes the strategic framework and development approach used by experienced project teams for building a mobile technology solution
* Features extensive real case studies from Microsoft and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young's extensive business portfolio

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