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How to Do Everything with Your Smartphone, Windows Mobile Edition (How to Do Everything)


by Jason R. Rich

Editorial Reviews
From the Back Cover

Discover how to get the most out of your Windows Mobile-based Smartphone. This step-by-step guide shows you the essentials of operation, plus plenty of add-ons and customization tricks. Merge your text pager, cell phone, appointment book, PDA, digital camera, notepad, calculator, personal address book, to-do lists, wireless web device, and MP3 player into one powerful and versatile handheld unit! Learn about optional scheduling, finance, text, and database management tools--and much more. So read the book and make your Smartphone even smarter. You’ll never look at a phone booth or even a traditional cell phone the same way again.

  • Use voice dialing and hands-free operation
  • Choose the best service provider and service plan
  • Connect to the Internet, send and receive email, and surf the wireless web
  • Teach your Smartphone to turn itself off during important meetings or engagements
  • Use word processing and text-editing applications
  • Send, receive, and print documents, and create business presentations
  • Synchronize data between your Smartphone and PC
  • Teach your Smartphone to accept voice commands using the Microsoft Voice Command Software
  • Maintain contacts, calendar, and tasks list using your phone
  • Listen to music, play games, and much more

About the author: Jason R. Rich is the best-selling author of more than 25 books on a variety of topics, including The Unofficial Guide To Starting A Business Online. He continues to write about high-tech gadgets, interactive entertainment, the Internet, computer technology, and video games for a wide range of publications.

Product Description:
Kick off your shoes and let How to Do Everything with Smartphone show you the essentials of operation, plus enough Windows mobile add-ons and customization tricks to make you want to 86 your other communications devices. Combine cutting edge PDA technology with wireless communication and use scheduling software, finance and text tools, wireless Web, database management software, and much more. So, c’mon, chief, get the book and get smart! You’ll never look at a phone booth the same way again.

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