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Mobile IPv6 : Mobility in a Wireless Internet


by Hesham Soliman

Editorial Reviews
From the Back Cover

The complete, practical introduction for every wireless professional

Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) will be the key enabling technology for a new generation of mobile data and multimedia services with seamless roaming-even between wireless and wired networks. Now, one of the leaders in IPv6 mobility introduces the protocol clearly and concisely, from the standpoint of practical implementers. Hesham Soliman carefully explains MIPv6's structure, goals, deployment, operation, optimization, security, and much more.

Mobile IPv6:

  • Reflects the final, IETF Mobile IPv6 standard and a detailed introduction to IPv6
  • Includes background on Internet protocols and routing for every wireless professional
  • Shows how MIPv6 works and how it's different from earlier Mobile IP standards
  • Covers MIPv6 security, in depth-including a full chapter on signaling security
  • Introduces handover optimizations, including fast handover and hierarchical MIPv6
  • Presents mechanisms for IPv6 coexistence with the IPv4 Internet
  • Contains a start-to-finish case study: IPv6 and MIPv6 in UMTS

An outstanding complement (or alternative) to the official specs, Mobile IPv6: Mobility in a Wireless Internet gives wireless engineers and researchers all the information they need to build reliable, high-performance MIPv6 systems.

About the Author

HESHAM SOLIMAN is a member of the Advanced Networking group at Flarion Technologies. He made numerous contributions to the Mobile IPv6 protocol and related optimisations, as well as, IPv6 and its applicability to cellular networks. He is a member of the IPv6 Technical Directorate in the IPv6 forum and several scientific committees for wireless and mobility related conferences. Prior to his current role, he was a senior specialist at Ericsson Research where he led several research activities related to IPv6, mobility management, and cellular networks.

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