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Master VISUALLY Windows Mobile small TM/small 2003 (Master Visually)


by Bill Landon, Matthew (palmsolo) Miller, Chris de Herrera

Editorial Reviews
From the Back Cover
"One picture is worth a thousand words." If you prefer instructions that show you how rather than tell you why, then this comprehensive reference is for you. Hundreds of succinctly captioned, step-by-step screen shots reveal how to accomplish more than 170 Windows Mobile 2003 tasks, including:
  • Syncing your PDA with your desktop
  • Customizing menus, sounds, and screens
  • Enjoying multimedia with Media Player 9
  • Managing Bluetooth communications
  • Working with Pocket Excel and Pocket Word
  • Setting up network connections
  • Sending voice and e-mail messages

Master It

  • "Master It" sidebars answer questions and present shortcuts
  • High-resolution screen shots demonstrate each task
  • Succinct explanations walk you through step by step
  • Two-page lessons break big topics into bite-sized modules

Product Description:
* Shows how to harness the full power of Windows Mobile 2003, Microsoft's operating system for Pocket PC devices
* Users learn how to sync up with their home PC, check e-mail remotely, organize their appointments and to-do lists, carry PowerPoint presentations in their pocket, enjoy multimedia with Media Player 9, or just play one of the hundreds of games now available
* Thumb tabs in the upper right make it easy for readers to find information and spend less time searching through the chapters
* Explores such updates to Mobile 2003 as keyboard enhancements, communications enhancements, WLAN functionality that rivals Windows XP, improved Pocket Outlook features, and much more

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