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Mobile Video Telephony


by David Myers

Editorial Reviews
From the Back Cover
Make video mobile

Mobile video will be a $5 billion global business by 2008, predicts Strategy Analytics. This truly international, system-level tutorial provides the technical expertise you need to make it all possible. Mobile Video Telephony shows you how to:

  • Design and deploy high-performance video telephony services
  • Work within ITU, IETF, and ISO standards
  • Apply information on coding and compression, including MPEG4
  • Enable interworked voice and video connections to Internet-based clients such as SIP
  • Solve essential issues in call forwarding, multipoint operation, and mailbox services
  • And much more!

Migrating to Third-Generation Mobile Networks * Basics of Multimedia Communication * Video Telephony over Switched Mobile Networks * Multiplexing Video, Audio, Data, and Control * Call Control * Implementation Issues * Video Telephony over Mobile Packet Networks * Interworking and Supplementary Services


  • The 3G-324M recommendation of 3GPP
  • ITU, IETF, and ISO standards
  • Video and audio coding and compression
  • H.223 multiplexing and H.245 call control
  • System implementation, diagnosis and testing
  • SIP-based mobile video telephony
  • Video mail and conferencing

    Product Description:
    This is a system level design book aimed at the engineers deploying mobile video services around the globe. Pulling the relevant pieces from the many confusing standards and protocols surrounding video telephony, the book serves as a roadmap through the regulatory maze, as well as a detailed tutorial on each phase of deployment, from video compression through multiplexing and call control.

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