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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Directory - Find Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

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TriCoStar LMS by TriCoStar Limited
TriCoStar Lead Management System (LMS) is a lead capture, distribution, tracking and feedback system that will front end ANY CRM, SFA, contact management or customer service system.

Strategic Account Management (SAM) by Blackstone & Cullen
SAMNet R5 changes the rules for traditional account management. Data is stored and shared in one central repository. This takes replication, extended support, and operations headaches away. Individuals and teams are identified on the server, enabling virtual teams to be assembled over the Internet. Sensitive data is protected with layers of security including encryption and passwords.

SMIS by Byelex Workgroup Technologies
SMIS stands for Sales Management Information System.;Increase your sales effort by sharing information.;Finally, a tool that helps you to increase your sales and team productivity. SMIS manages your business relations more effectively and provides comprehensive contact and activity management. By leveraging these strengths, SMIS can ensure that fewer opportunities fall through, less effort is spent on paperwork and time spent on activities which inevitably leads to sales being maximised. Experience the power of SMIS for Lotus Notes

Microsoft CRM by ITvantage
Increase sales success, deliver superior customer service, and make informed agile business decisions with Microsoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Accessible from Microsoft Outlook and the Web, Microsoft CRM is easy to use, customize, and maintain, integrates with other business systems, and scales to grow along with your business. Microsoft CRM is built from the ground up on Microsoft .NET architecture, delivering tremendous business value through easy integration with third-party applications and Web services.

Action! by Simple Sophistication
Turn ACT! into a automated marketing and follow-up system. Action! uses your ACT! database to automaically send e-mails, faxes and letters based on a delivery schedule. Action! does all the work for you.

BrowserCRM by BrowserCRM Ltd
BrowserCRM is a complete, integrated, online business software solution.;Now your company can have a unified web interface for managing contacts and email, assigning tasks, creating private memos, forums and conferences, sharing a common calendar, sharing files, and much more. BrowserCRM is available in two versions.;BrowserCRM Online and BrowserCRM server.

M3 - Membership Management & Marketing by Access Softek
M3 Membership Management & Marketing - provides enterprise-class management tools for managing and communicating with registered website users.

DataHouse by DataHouseSoftware
Simple, inexpensive and effective business software. Fast to implement, fast ROI

CRM by Web by CRMbyWeb
Web-based CRM: account management, sales force automation, ;customer service, order management & invoicing.;We offer program customization, integration with your;web site and / or internal ERP / accounting system.;30-day free trial.

Brokers*ACT! by MJB Software
Brokers*ACT! CRM for ACT! 6.0 is Created by Finanical Advisors for Financial Advisors. Brokers*ACT offers you everything you need to enter and track Client data, record every interaction, create mass mailings, e-mails and reports with ease!

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