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Retail / Book store

Book store

A bookstore (North American English) or bookshop (Commonwealth English) is a retailer that primarily sells books. Bookstores can range in size from local shops offering several hundred titles to large brick-and-mortar chains offering upwards of 200,000 titles. Online bookstores may offer many times more titles. Bookstores often sell items related to books such as newspapers and travel maps. Colleges and universities often have their own student bookstore on campus that focuses on providing course textbooks, although some on-campus bookstores are owned by large chains such as Barnes & Noble.

A bookstore.
A bookstore.

Another common type of bookstore is the used bookstore which buys and sells used copies of books, often for prices much cheaper than new copies. However, sometimes with rare books, especially certain first editions, these prices are much higher. Book collectors tend to frequent used book stores. Large online bookstores offer used books for sale, too. Individuals wishing to sell their used books using online bookstores agree to terms outlined by the bookstore(s): for example, paying the online bookstore(s) a predetermined commission once the books have sold.

During the 1990s many bookstores (both chains and independents) started to include coffee shops in their store. Today it's rare to see a medium or large sized bookstore without a coffee shop instore or very close by. Further, large chain bookstores took on a "public library" demeanor as overstuffed chairs and couches became incorporated into the overall floor plan of the store. Conveniently placed through out the store, these cozy book nooks encourage customers to sit and read as much as they want without being pressured to buy anything.

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