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Retail / List of bookstore chains

List of bookstore chains

This is a list of bookstore chains with "brick-and-mortar" locations. In the United Kingdom, they are known as "bookshops" and "newsagents". In American English, they are called "bookstores" and "newsstands" (as they also carry newspapers and magazines). In British English, most promotional advertising of books typically use the phrase "available at good book shops", which is not used in American English (the phrase "available at local bookstores [or booksellers]" or similar is usually employed).

Some bookstore chains may either offer new books, second-hand books, or liquidated books.

In addition to paperback and hardback books, most large modern chains also sell videos, DVDs, audiobooks, radio dramas, and music CDs.


Australia & New Zealand

  • Angus & Robertson
  • Borders Books and Music
  • Dymocks Booksellers
  • Whitcoulls
  • Paperplus
  • Books Kinokuniya


  • Livraria Cultura
  • Livraria Laselva
  • Livraria Saraiva
  • Livraria Siciliano


  • Archambault
  • Chapters
  • Coles
  • Indigo Books, Music & More
  • McNally Robinson
  • Nicholas Hoare
  • Renaud-Bray

Hong Kong

  • Chung Hwa
  • Commercial Press
  • Dymocks Booksellers
  • Hong Kong Book Centre
  • Joint-Us
  • Page One
  • Popular
  • Swindon
  • World Book


  • Gramedia
  • Gunung Agung


  • Eason & Son

Malaysia and Singapore

  • MPH Bookstores
  • Times The Bookshop
  • Popular Book Company
  • Borders Books and Music
  • Books Kinokuniya

South Africa

  • CNA
  • Exclusive books

Republic of China (Taiwan)

  • Eslite

United Kingdom

  • Blackwell's
  • Borders
  • Ottakar's
  • Waterstone's
  • WH Smith

United States

  • Barnes & Noble, also operates B. Dalton in shopping malls
  • Books A Million
  • Borders Books and Music
  • Crown Books, defunct
  • Half Price Books, secondhand books
  • National Book Warehouse, Inc., a chain specializing in closeout books under the store names Foozles, Book Warehouse, and The Book Market
  • Posman Books, a chain in New York City
  • Powell's City of Books, a chain in Portland, Oregon
  • Shakespeare and Co., in New York City
  • Waldenbooks

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