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List of department stores


Shinsegae is a Korean department store, headquartered in Seoul, Korea. Shinsegae was originally a part of the Samsung business group, separated in the 1990's from the Samsung group along with CheilJedang Group (Food/Chemicals/Entertainment), Saehan Group (Electronic Media/Apparel/Textiles), and the Hansol Group (Paper/Telecom). It owns the brands Shinsegae and E-mart, and is in direct competition with Lotte Shopping and Hyundai Department Store Group.


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    E-mart Brand

    E-mart is a large retailer chain located and founded in South Korea and is a subsidiary of Shinsegae. Although extremely popular within South Korea, E-mart has not flourished internationally.

    In South Korea, E-mart is one of the major retailer chains along with Carrefour and Wal Mart. Although Carrefour has been challenging E-mart for competition, Wal Mart is not very popular in South Korea to the point that many Wal Mart stores in South Korea are going out of business because of the exceeding popularity of E-mart. Carrefour has also decided to stop their business in South Korea due to declining sales revenue and so Carrefour sold all their store outlets to E-Land, a local clothing maker and distrubution firm for 1.5 billion euros in April 2006, saying they intended to make more profits in China. Many E-mart stores in South Korea, especially in cities like Seoul, are very large. Many of them have a wide variety of products, and the stores often take up two or three stories, with escalators connecting the floors.

    The name E-mart does not come from electronic store. Also, E-mart is not to be confused with e-mart, an online grocery store, Emart, a European energy firm, E-mart, a Japanese online grocery store, or yet another E-mart, a Spanish-language online grocery store.

    In late May 2006, Shinsegae revealed plans to buy all 16 of the Wal-Mart locations in Korea.


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