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List of department stores

Woko Department Store

Woko Department Store is the most exclusive department store in Japan, located at the heart of the Ginza shopping district in Tokyo. This store is famous for its watches, jewelry, porcelain, dishware, and handbags, as well as foreign luxury goods. There is also an art gallery, called Wako Hall, on the sixth floor. Wako was founded in 1881 by Kintarou Hattori as the Hattori Watch and Jeweler (now Seiko Corporation) in Ginza. In 1947, the retail division split off as Wako Co., Ltd.

Its 1932 neo-Rennaisance-style building, designed by Jin Watanabe, with its curved granite fašade, is the central landmark for the district and one of the few buildings in the area left standing after World War II. The building functioned as the Tokyo PX store during the American Occupation of Japan, from 1945 to 1952. The clock tower plays the famous Westminster Chimes.

The Wako department store occupies a busy corner in Ginza
The Wako department store occupies a busy corner in Ginza

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