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List of supermarkets


ICA (Inköps-Centralen Aktiebolag) is a Swedish corporate group in the retail business. The company was started in 1938, based on a business model which was introduced by Hakonbolagen since 1917. The company was owned by the participating retailers until 2000 when half of the company was sold to the Dutch retailer Royal Ahold. Royal Ahold is however prevented by contractual obligation not to exercise majority control over ICA even if it later should acquire a majority of the shares. Most of its operations are based in Scandinavia, and the company is the largest retail company in the Nordic countries.



In Sweden, ICA Sverige AB operates 1,668 retail stores as of 2003. The stores have different profiles, depending on location, range of products and size:

  • ICA Nära ("ICA Near-by") — Convenience-type stores for daily retail needs.
  • ICA supermarket — Mid-size supermarkets, located near where customers dwell or work carrying a wide range of products.
  • ICA Kvantum — Stores for large, planned, purchases. Large spaces allocated for traffic and parking. Typically located outside of the cities.
  • MAXI ICA Stormarknad — Stores with very large range, meant for large family purchases.

Each store is owned and operated separately, but operations are coordinated within the group.

During 2003, ICA Sverige AB had a turnover of 78 billion SEK (including VAT).


ICA Norge AS runs 1,028 stores in Norway as of 2003. Turnover for the same year was 23 billion NOK (excluding VAT).

Statoil retail stores

Statoil and ICA jointly operate approximately 1300 retail stores at gas stations in Scandinavia.

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