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List of supermarkets


Migros (pronounced “mee-groe”) is one of Switzerland's largest companies. The name come from the French "mi" meaning half and "gros" meaning amount. It controls fifteen per cent of the food and non-food market, plus it is the largest supermarket chain in Switzerland. One interesting thing about the company in a business sense is rather then expand internationality into other countries, it grows into various different sectors such as petrol stations and holidays, even adult education. The reason for this, is that it is co-operative organisation rather then a profit-making company. One thing about the company is that it does not sell either alcohol or tobacco. The logo of the company is a large orange M, and it called "the orange giant" by the Swiss. Their loyalty card is called M-cumulus card.

The front of a Migros store in Metalli, Zug, Switzerland
The front of a Migros store in Metalli, Zug, Switzerland



It started when in 1925, Gottlieb Duttweiler did a direct operation of selling large amounts of basic products into demi-grosses. Later to corner the market, a mobile shopping facility went around the villages selling to the general public (Switzerland was a very poor country, and many people still lived in villages), even today Migros still use the mobile supermarkets to go around to people's houses. In later years, shops and supermarkets was established in villages, towns & cities across the country. As far back as 1937, the company started to go into other businesses by starting the holiday company Hotelplan.

Migros acquired some notoriety in 1977 when they fired their severest internal critic, Hans A. Pestalozzi.


  • Migros – supermarkets
  • LeShop.ch – an online supermarket that Migros bought in 2003 [1]
  • Migrol – petrol stations
  • M-electronics– electronic stores and internet music download service
  • OBI – DIY Stores
  • FitnessPark – fitness centres
  • Do it+Garden Migros – DIY and garden centres
  • Micasa – furniture stores
  • MigrosBank – bank (it is the fifth-largest in Switzerland)
  • Golfpark – public golf-courses
  • Ex Libris – bookshops
  • Migros Klubschule – adult education centres
  • SportXX – sports shops
  • Eurocentres – language schools
  • Frey – chocolate manufactures
  • Migros Magazin – the company's sales magazine
  • Hotelplan – holidays company
  • Florissimail – postal flower service

Globus Group (became part of Migros in 1997)

  • Interio – furniture stores
  • Globus – department stores
  • Globus Herren – menswears stores
  • Office World – office supplies (not the British Office Worlds, owned by Staples)
  • Globi – a cartoon character who is mascot of the Globus Group, often refers as Switzerland's Mickey Mouse.


The main competitors are the coop, Denner Discount, Carrefour & Manor. In the future, when the discount supermarkets Aldi and Lidl head for Switzerland, Migros is going to be squeezed as their prices will heavily compete Migros' low prices.

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