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Retail / Manufacturing


Manufacturing is the transformation of raw materials into finished goods for sale, or intermediate processes involving the production or finishing of semi-manufactures. It is a large branch of industry and of secondary production. Some industries, like semiconductor and steel manufactureres use the term fabrication.

Although handicraft production has been with us for many millennia, modern-style manufacturing is generally regarded as beginning around 1780 with the BritishIndustrial Revolution, spreading thereafter to Continental Europe and North America, and subsequently around the world.

While it remains a huge part of the modern world economy perhaps a quarter of aggregate world production of goods and services many of the world's wealthier nations devote an ever smaller proportion of their workforce to manufacturing activity owing to relocation of enterprises to lower-wage countries and the rising proportion of economic activity devoted to service activity.


  • 1 Manufacturing Topics

    Manufacturing Topics

    Taxonomy of manufacturing processes

    Taxonomy of manufacturing processes

    Manufacturing Systems

    • Craft system
    • English system of manufacturing
    • American System of manufacturing
    • Soviet collectivism in manufacturing
    • Mass production
    • Just in time manufacturing
    • Lean manufacturing
    • Flexible manufacturing
    • Mass customization
    • Agile manufacturing
    • Rapid manufacturing
    • Prefabrication


    • Taylorism
    • Fordism
    • Scientific management


    • Management
      • List of management topics
    • Quality control

    Manufacturing Engineering

    • Industrial and manufacturing engineering
    • Manufacturing Systems Engineering
    • Computer-aided manufacturing
    • Computer integrated manufacturing
    • Numerically controlled
    • Computer numerically controlled
    • Distributed Control Systems
    • Fieldbus control systems
    • Programmable logic controllers

    Assembly Systems

    • Assembly line
    • Industrial robot


    • Rapid prototyping
    • Computer aided design
    • New product development


    • Primary industry
    • Factory
    • Distributor
    • Warehouse
    • Wholesaler
    • Retailer
    • Consumer

    Lists of related topics

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    • list of production topics
    • list of marketing topics
    • list of economics topics
    • list of international trade topics
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    • list of information technology management topics
    • list of business law topics
    • list of human resource management topics
    • list of business theorists
    • list of economists
    • list of corporate leaders

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